Designed for use with ROCKWOOL ProRox insulation systems. ROCKWOOL Soffit Slab offers non-combustible insulation A few washer nails hold the ComfortBoard in place. We offer fire-resilient, thermally efficient, highly durable, and fully recyclable stone wool insulation solutions for all major application areas for residential and non-residential buildings. Page: 1/7 staati ieies Installation guide: Fire Barrier Systems Issued: 23/9/2020 Version no: 01 Fire Barrier Systems Tools required • Electric screwdriver or drill • Snips • Insulation knife or saw Ancillary products Flat Roof Insulation No wasted space High rise apartment blocks, industrial units, large commercial facilities and new school buildings incorporate a flat roof as part of the development design as this gives the advantage of being able to house services and plant (saving space in the building) as well as creating a safe place of escape in the event of a fire – particularly in buildings over 18m. In addition to the correct isometric construction and fastening of the piping, the piping Varying configurations of double skin roof system together with Cool ’n’ Comfort SL940 insulation can achieve sound transmission loss of up to STC 50 for the acoustic system. ROCKWOOL HARDROCK Multi-Fix is manufactured from renewable volcanic stone which produces a non-combustible roofing insulation board. Download ROCKWOOL installation guides and ROCKWOOL installation videos and resources. temperature, viscosity, pressure, etc.). The walls are covered in two layers of 2-in.-thick Rockwool. The insulation planes with the roof overhang on the left. Biological ROCKWOOL stone wool is a naturally inert and rot-proof material that does not encourage or support the growth of fungi, moulds or … Roof Insulation. ROCKWOOL have specifically designed the perfect insulation products for your loft insulation project. ROCKWOOL® Thermal Insulation Roll is a medium density thermal insulation specifically designed for use in the loft. Pitched roof insulation is more a necessity rather than choice. To learn how to install ROCKWOOL insulation. Effective insulation engineered to last the lifetime of a building 3 When coupled with Cool ’n’ Comfort SL Series stone wool insulation, it boost the performance of the double skin metal roofing system with improved level of thermal insulation, acoustic and fire protection. ROCKWOOL have answered the need for a thermally efficient, non-combustible flat roof insulation by launching a new product, HARDROCK® (DD) TRB. This insulation solution is suitable for horizontal roof application in all building types or can be used as an acoustic absorber in suspended ceilings. Help You Learn more. Installation guide: Linear and Trapezoidal Firestop Systems Issued: 8/10/2020 Version no: 01 Installation guidelines 6. For a roof with exterior insulation on top of the sheathing, is it possible to use rockwool instead of rigid foam? ROCKWOOL supply the leading stone wool insulation for below concrete soffits (soffit insulation). When fire stopping between the head of a fire resistant wall and the underside of a perforated roof deck insulated with ROCKWOOL HARDROCK® Multi-Fix [DD] flat roof insulation, it should be While the non-combustible nature of stone wool insulation makes it a robust choice for fire safety, it’s actually the superior sound insulation of the material which makes ROCKWOOL an ideal specification for built-up metal roof applications. The siding will also secure it. Made from volcanic rock and often effective for the lifetime of a building 1, it offers you the ultimate peace of mind.. ProRox NCS 2000 is made from a high temperature resistant polymer. ROCKWOOL flat roof insulation is designed to enhance modern living, using the natural power of stone wool to provide robust energy efficiency and protection. ROCKWOOL insulation for flat roof and built up metal roofs have been designed to meet the demands of modern roof systems, providing durable solutions which simplify design and lower costs. ... Simplify your wall assembly by combining the insulation installation and masking in one step . creating a gap in the roof space for installation of insulation and vapor barrier. Watch how the Simple Saver System® instantly transforms the dark shadows of metal building roof interiors into clean, bright and well insulated spaces. With ROCKWOOL stateof-the-art technology, Hardrock 60 roofing boards delivers the combination of ProRox NCS 2000 is a flexible spacer for non-contact insulation systems on pipes and vessels. ROCKWOOL Ltd 5 Installation Upgrading existing loft insulation When upgrading loft insulation, a check should be performed to make sure existing insulation material between joists is tightly jointed to the sides of the timber, and that it has not slumped or sagged. Introduction ROCKWOOL roofing boards provide a one stop solution to roofing insulation requirements. An underlayment will be installed over the insulation and overhang and then the metal roof is installed directly on top of the underlayment. ROCKWOOL offers a range of Stone Wool commercial pitched roof Insulation products for installation between the rafters or for high performance systems The world’s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation Rockwool has an extensive range of domestic, commercial and industrial products. Read more . Insulation Rock Wool for Roof Insulation Rock Wool of Sandwich Panels. ROCKWOOL Limited is the UK's leading manufacturer in sustainable non-combustible stone wool insulation. Flat roof insulation will minimize the escape of heat and as ROCKWOOL insulation is made of stone, it will act as a fire barrier as well as reducing the escape of heat from the building. They are suitable for new and re-roofing applications on metal deck or concrete deck. ROCKWOOL has over 40 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of insulation products from stone wool, and each product has been designed to improve the insulation, fire protection and reduce energy consumption within a building.. Rockwool RWA45 insulation slabs It features a “Twin Roll” design meaning, the insulation is pre-split for 100mm application in between the rafters, and 200mm over the rafters – to give the recommended 300mm total coverage. Flat Roof Insulation Flat Roof Plus ROCKWOOL Flatroof Plus insulation system provides superior mechanical strength to meet all challenges on the roof. It is also an element through which a large amount of thermal energy is transferred if not insulated properly. The roof of the building is most exposed structural element to external influences. By Mark Row. I was reading here about how mineral wool, as an an air permeable insulation, was not a good choice for inside of stem walls, as air can still contact the cold stem wall surface and condense. Creating warm, sound and safe homes Given that a quarter of heat is lost through the roof in an uninsulated home (Source: Energy Saving Trust), one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of insulating a building is to install loft insulation in the roof space. Cool ’n’ Comfort SL series is a semi rigid insulation slab designed to provide ease of installation and a perfect fit between metal purlins. The 60kPa roofing boards provide resistance to foot traffic during periodic roof maintenance. ROCKWOOL insulation will generally perform effectively for the lifetime of the building, plant or structure. Mineral wool installation instructions. ROCKWOOL insulation is approved by Factory Mutual (FM Approval) for Class 1 roof construction in membrane roofing systems and has proven track records in Created with the help of innovative rock wool technology and over 9000 building experts, Rockwool insulation has developed a range of products that are renowned for their thermal and acoustic abilities as well as their fire resistance and green credentials. To guarantee a correct process cycle, the condition of the media within the pipes must remain within the set limitations (e.g. … Cool ’n’ Comfort SL, a semi rigid slab product, is a If you choose to take it one, use an insulation product like ROCKWOOL Comfortbatt®--it’s moisture resistant, water repellent and noncombustible. ROCKWOOL manufacture rafter line insulation products that are the perfect pitched roof insulation solution delivering acoustic, thermal and fire performance