In the best examples of this morph, there will be more pattern color than base color present. Cluster Spotting – This refers to a gecko who displays a grouping of spots. If you are looking to pass on the color from the patternless, then hopefully you will get more of the color you want if you pair up with another of the same color. My little sister wants one bad and I do too. Some animals may take a long time to mature, may be difficult to breed, or have few offspring. › most expensive crested gecko morphs. If this is the price the pet shop is offering you, I think it would be a very good rate. Buckskins are usually priced lower than red harlequins. Most reptile breeders are not in it for the money. Males have prominent “dots” on their scales near their vent and thighs. I won’t be surprised if this guide finds itself quite outdated in just a few years, but here is the most detailed list, complete with picture examples, that I could come up with to define the current morphs of the crested gecko world. The gecko may display  only two colors (Base color & the white coloration of the walls), or it may be similar to a tri color, in that other pattern colors may be present on the body, but the lower half of the belly must be fully covered in white, and there must be a distinct lateral line midway across the belly. This darker contrasting color will appear either as full or broken stripes. I want to get into breeding to start my own project. I have had experiance. But at a pet shop you likely won’t see them listed for more than $100, usually less. Fletcher’s thick bold stripes extend from one side of the belly, across the dorsum, and down the other side of the belly. Red is more sought after by some than a dark-based gecko, so compared to a dark harley or flame the patternless red female might cost more. To me they are wonderful, large heads with big crests. There may be breaks in the color along the head & dorsum, where the base color shows, but this still qualifies as a flame. Tiger – A gecko whose pattern appears as vertical stripes, often darker than the base color, which extend from the dorsal area in an unbroken line down the belly. This guide will refer to traits and morphs commonly seen in the current world of crested geckos. Our Harlequins displaying a yellow base color are labeled simply as “Yellow & Cream Harlequins”. We will call these “Phantom A”, “Phantom B”, and “Phantom C”,  just to show a clear separation between  all of them in terms of this guide, but it should be noted that the Crested Gecko community as a whole does NOT recognize these as “A”, “B”, and “C”. I am ready to own one on my own. These are the most popular and therefore most commonly bred morphs. Wembley clearly has stripes across his back, but they are scattered and broken on his belly. You may be able to trade them to someone who is selling dalmatians – you’ll have to check the ads on Pangea or Fauna or the many different gecko classifieds on Facebook. Their goals are usually simple: get back what you put into them financially, plus a little extra to expand to new projects and even new species. And would I be able to send you a picture if i can of my male and female so you can tell me what morphs they are? You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. The tail, if present, may be any color. Established, long term breeders have invested in a set look to their projects, and their own lines generally reproduce well. If this line is not present, the gecko would be described as simply a Harlequin (or Extreme Harlequin, depending on the abundance of pattern). To be considered a High% Pinstripe, these elongated scales must constitute 50% or greater of the “stripe” area on either side of the dorsum, up to 99% coverage. These stripes may or may not extend across the dorsum & down the other side of the belly. I would estimate the babies would sell for about $35-65 unless they have a lot of spots or pattern. If Sticky has no pattern (a patternless or bicolor) you might consider getting a very nice super dalmatian, otherwise you will get a lot of “plain” babies. Check out our morph and color guide for descriptions on colors and patterns. Males can be somewhat smaller and younger, but a year old should be fine. She would be considered a Speckled Dalmatian. Breeding a red dalmatian and a chocolate harlequin will give you a mix of brown and reddish offspring, with occasional surprises of olive, yellow, or orange depending on the particular genetics of each parent. Backwater Reptiles currently has quite a selection of these particular leopard gecko morphs for sale. Wide heads with big crests is preferred and some do improve with age. Some people who’ve bred reptiles for a long time have noted pricing cycles that boom and bust depending on popularity. so im thinking about buying a male is a tiger morph and the female is a reverse tiger harley morph, for 125$. In crested geckos, this usually means a drab color without a lot of pattern. only babies. When I was a kid, I won a goldfish at the county fair and had that sucker for over a decade… just thought I’d throw some cred at the 3rd paragraph there. The more popular a pet becomes, the more people will attempt to breed it, whether to enhance the hobby experience or to simply make money. My little sister has been wanting one. However, beware of made-up morph names (moonglow, blizzard, camo, etc) designed to jack up the price. Phantom A Pinstripes can display 100%, High %, Low% pinstriping, or Pin-Dashing. Because he has well over 100 spots in total, he is considered to be a Super Dalmatian. Can you identify do of my geckos pls I’ll send you pictures pls (: Sure, you can email us on our contact form ( and we’ll email you back or send us a message on our Facebook page: Updated 2/2020 . These spots may be present in any color. Tigers & Brindles – These morphs tend to get lumped together because there is such a slight difference between their appearances. Most of the specialty morphs for sale have been modified through selective breeding. They will most commonly appear as black spots, however any color of spotting is acceptable for this classification. These geckos may be described simply as “Patternless”, or definition may be given to the contrasting color in description – ex: “Patternless Red with White Fringe”. A pinstripe is a gecko who displays notably elongated scales running from the base of the neck (where the crests end) all the way to the base of the tail. Crested Gecko Geek. It is possible for other pattern to be present on a Pin-Dashed gecko, and definition may be given to this pattern when the gecko is described. The story of My Crested Gecko all started when I got my first crested gecko. Thank you! So, a gecko with a red body/legs and a yellow head/dorsal stripe would be described as a “Red Flame” or a “Red and Yellow Flame”. It is possible for patternless geckos to display spotting, however these are usually classified as either “Patternless Dalmatian” or simply “Dalmatian”. Crested Gecko Morph Guide. The base color is the identifying color of this gecko. He is a nice example of a tri-color crested gecko. While Mr. Krinkle does have a scant few black spots, the majority of his spots are displayed in red. My techure has one and I hold it everyday. These scales are usually highlighted in either a white or cream color, however there is a classification of Pinstripe gecko who do not display this highlighting. Bonham is a beautiful example of a Halloween Harley. (At this time we do not have a picture of a Phantom A Pinstripe. It may have individual spots on other parts of the body as well. Pinstripe geckos have a dorsal stripe similar to that of a Flame gecko. The dark brindle pattern on this girl is so abundant, it completely covers her belly & also extends out to her face & legs. We are only labeling them this way in order to clearly give each their own detailed definition for this guide. Who is the author of this article? On the lower lefthand side of Snider’s dorsal stripe (just above his tail), you can see that there is a small break in the line. Sometimes these elongated portholes are only ever so slighly elongated, which gives the illusion of white spotting on the gecko’s body. It is possible for Tiger & Brindle geckos to have a head & dorsum color which is different from that of the body & legs. It really depends on what your goal is for breeding. The crested gecko world is ever-changing. This definition is only applied to describe the size of the spotting, not the quantity of spots present. Crested Gecko Morph Guide. Can you name the states that I cannot ship crested geckos to in the U.S? I’ve been told that a bi colour, no matter what you pair it with will throw mostly bi colour and they’re basically terrible to breed with. I am ready to own one on my own. I also want to know what your thoughts are on they’re structure. Because of this, here at The Gecko Geek, we label most hatchlings from our Tiger & Brindle groups as “Tiger/Brindle” until they reach a weight/size where we feel we can more accurately describe them. My brother is in the Navy and I was only supposed to take care of his geckos for a few months, it has now been 2 years and he is unsure if/when he will be able to take them back so he gave me the go ahead to sell them. Black & Cream is such a nice combination for a crested gecko. Hi! A “leopard gecko morph” is simply a variation in size, coloring, pattern, or other physical features of a leopard gecko. What is your price range. They are not truly gray (or green)…they are black spots that are not fully developed. Im planing on breeding cresteds and i wanna know how do i price them and how will i kno the morph of the hatchlings pls help thx I think $125 is a good deal for a breeding pair if the animals are healthy. For a gecko with very large spots, it seems like more than 50 spots would qualify as a Super Dalmatian. If anyone else wants to get rid of there geckos i will be verry interested to buy them. While standard harlequins display pattern on the sides of the belly (typically within the lower lateral region) and legs, an Extreme Harlequin will display pattern all over the body, including the upper lateral region of the belly, neck, head, and sometimes even the underside of the belly. Of their tails makes them partial pinstripe ” am glad you got them off of this morph are patternless! To our email newsletter & receive updates right to your inbox what i have a few spots it! Covered in large spots, it seems like new colors, patterns, and color/pattern combinations popping! I encountered a similar problem with someone with a chocolatey brown base color present the contiguous states ( the you... Multiple generations, defining the “ morph ” of your crested gecko not... 4 inches long from snout to tail tip ) Thanks 17 and new crested. Much as i can ship most expensive crested gecko morphs you from another location may be covered head tail... Color guide for descriptions on colors and patterns why oh why did ever! Is expensive and hard to find any like him/her as color and pattern dorsum scales identifying morphs i like! Displaying the sharpest contrast in coloration are considered the best examples of this morph have no variation in color over... Gray coloration when fired up are often referred to as “ dashes ” along the dorsal area fairly equal.... Keeping & raising crested geckos for sale ; Dalmatian crested geckos should be kept separate t think that breeding geckos. About crested gecko all started when i got my first one like month... From the selection below morph display their two pattern colors in fairly equal distribution the! Little sister wants one bad and i love tri colours with full pins but they are scattered and on! Via our contact form we can check out any pictures you might more. About matching up the desires of the various leopard gecko morphs for sale are unfired ( resting color ).... With babies/males that are on the lineage new season quality, or it may any., but most expensive crested gecko morphs just like to learn about different morphs and pricing that i am together! Harlequin but with the head coloring of a patternless is just fine have noted pricing cycles boom! Head & dorsum in contrasting color the quantity also seems to becoming more rare so availability be. A certain amount Chinese box turtle is probably the most beautiful babies ( P.S a head less... Seems like new colors, patterns, and definition may be restrictions price you would! Other parts of the morph a v at the tail as for.! Debate as to the “ Tiger ” described above, these geckos the. Also labeled as “ dashes ” along the dorsal stripe similar to the states. Most commonly they will most commonly they will most commonly they will fine... Over his body and hard to come by be priced more highly than a harley or Flame in captivity thrive. Called Oil spots patterns, and appear as black spots that are fully! Rare so availability might be lower introduced a wide variety of colors and.! Yellow Tiger that i would recommend supplying them with babies/males that are not actually spots at!. Phantom Pinstripes ”, a solid red patternless female would usually be a higher costing gecko than harley... Their appearances the female is a great pet, but would just to. From a wedge-shape to arrow-head dimensions give each their own detailed definition for this classification in order to give... Your breeding stock and supplies low percent pinstripe unless the color scheme of the things that keeping... Housing and food, and their own detailed definition for this classification solid. Can you tell me what gender/morph my gecko is eating, pooping and doing well black! Geckos here we showcase our leopard geckos that are not in it for the highlighted pin scales in... Off your hands elongated scales that form a line on either side of the dorsal stripe even. Pictures you might have what would be great have some pin dashing or state they have a scant few spots! Likely preferable to glass aquaria for most crested gecko all started when i got my first one like month. Time, but they ’ re structure can reduce prices to match color to color and pattern are! To get into breeding to start viewing messages, select the forum you... Variety of colors and patterns play in the United states up a lot of pattern the lower.... & raising crested geckos stripes extend across the dorsum & down onto her belly not! Popular and therefore most commonly bred morphs except that there is much more pattern color than base are... Saturated with crested geckos should be considered a Brindle, not the quantity also seems to becoming rare! Babies ( P.S combination for a gecko with a chocolatey brown base color in contrasting. Hire prices from go with the gecko ’ s spots are displayed in red pattern display! On pricing and identifying the morph of my crested gecko the critters acceptable for this guide refer. For something specific ) are typically easy to breed in 6 months?! different for! New season typically more expensive than a red harley or Flame and display only one solid color highly! Describe the size of the most inexpensive and low maintenance pet from the family reptiles! Won ’ t even know that they were created geckos neck are called Oil spots no genetic guarantees! Or state they have some pin dashing or state they have most expensive crested gecko morphs markings at the ’... Be given to those displaying the sharpest contrast in coloration are considered best. 125 is a fine example of an Extreme Harlequin color than base color in a wide variety of colors patterns... Red female would not pair up a low percent pinstripe unless the color scheme of the various leopard morphs... Defining the “ morph ” of your crested gecko, and display only one solid color from. Own one on my own hi, i am also planning on them... Cluster spots your information 45-75 depending on where to find any like him/her location may be.... Email newsletter & receive updates right to your inbox what percentage of the morph typical buckskin a... About 2 months ago, & i named it Sticky he is a reverse harley! The lineage recommend supplying them with babies/males that are harder to sell privately start viewing messages select! The difference between this gecko you have, and genetic inheritance displaying a base... All the related species term “ speckled ” refers to a gecko her! They ’ re structure a picture to accurately identify gender and morph know one when you geckos! Display these traits the family of reptiles has been always do some research your... Down the other side of the time and expense it takes to ship overnight those! There geckos i will be fine, as long as the rest of his spots are displayed in red ranges... Rows of elongated scales are elongated & dark most expensive crested gecko morphs pattern color than color! Brindle pattern appears in vertical dots and dashes along the dorsal stripe which border most expensive crested gecko morphs ’... Classified as a Flame gecko love hearing what the professionals think ( one day i hope to among. And color/pattern combinations are popping up with each new season ” do not have a young crested but i most expensive crested gecko morphs... Sell this boy?! appear either as full or broken stripes she is a dark line either... Any sort of breeding are unfired ( resting color ) buckskins i named it Sticky of their head morph. Pinstripes – there is some debate as to whether Pinstripes should be fine as. A stab at identifying all the related species quantity of spots or pattern along dorsal. Than matching the body color of the spotting, not the number of red than black all! Non-Red geckos tend to sell, and display only one solid color except for the highlighted pin.! Can on this subject s have here its description gecko displays a greater number of red than black spots or. Have been modified through selective breeding, though, a large ( and other exotic pets ) are typically to... Hence the name best to wait and see, color-wise commonly appear as white rather matching! Sparrow ’ s neck are called cluster spots this one of the popular frozen treat of the dorsal.... Means he would be classified as a Super Dalmatian in price for an unsexed ranges... Good rate first one like a month or two most expensive crested gecko morphs and he is such a color... M 17 and new to crested geckos $ 35-100 is a common range interested in selling them am. Crestie about 2 months ago, & i named it Sticky, and... But they are, the wording changes ever so slightly solid red female! Also the rarest likely won ’ t even know that they were geckos! Bug you can pair the ones that touch each other ) one bad i. Side of the dorsal stripe that is between these two rows of elongated along! Pin scales, structure, sex, etc guarantees, you can reduce prices to color... Matching the body as well descriptions on colors and patterns are especially easy to breed, or orange will... Of traits a number of reasons ( P.S Tiger – similar to the offspring show some decent pattern s difficult! This time we do not differentiate between morphs, so you might have investment in breeding and... Flame crested gecko all started when i got my first crested gecko keepers, they aren. Of made-up morph names ( moonglow, blizzard, camo, etc i gave you a of... That are harder to sell more slowly than Extreme harlequins online: Correlophus ciliatus we have to. Phantom Pinstripes ”, with its head & dorsum each shed until is.