I no longer think Rinoa is Ultimecia, and Kitase never did, but if she were it would have led to a couple of chilling scenarios. Odine Bangle. In this sense, the’Squall’s Dead’ and ‘Rinoa is Ultimecia’ theories can’t be true at the same time as they contradict each other. - Page 2. “I don’t think I’ll incorporate that even if we do remake the game. But Ultimecia’s bond with Rinoa is stronger. Share to Tumblr. The theory about Rinoa actually being Ultimecia seemed very plausible to me with all the time travel that takes place. Rinoa Heartilly Gift GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4. Now what if that Ultimecia was As the theory states: There will be an Ultimecia in the future. Rinoa is already dating Seifer and really at that moment she really has no reason to reject the guy. I think Ultimecia is either Squall and Rinoa's descendant. Recently, Kitase debunked the Rinoa is Ultimecia conspiracy theory in an interview. Imo it did the whole "pretty girl comes out of nowhere and becomes the guy's girlfriend despite the guy doing absolutely nothing for the relationship" thing. Rinoa may not be Ultimecia, but what that does mean is that once Rinoa dies and passes on her powers, those same powers will continue from person to person to person until eventually Ultimecia gets them. It would be a huge paradox, and equally as sad as the Squall is dead theory, though I personally think this theory makes more sense. Her existence, persecution, and defeat are inevitable. While Ultimecia controls Edea’s witch powers, Rinoa does not inherit any witch prior. /r/squallisdead metrics (Squall is dead (and Rinoa is Ultimecia)) ... reddit metrics is a tool for tracking statistics of 2,496,039 subreddits (1916 created yesterday) and discovering the fastest growing communities on reddit. Ultimecia warped her body to win. Copy link to clipboard. Archived [Basis Theory] Ellone is Ultimecia. So, Ultimecia is the opposite to Hyne. Some people find extra meaning in the video games they play, as it provides an extra depth for narrative. First, what is the Rinoa is Ultimecia theory? Social Distancing. Because Rinoa has junctioned GF’s it is thought that over time she loses her memories and, with Squall having died over this period of time, succumbs to darkness and becomes Ultimecia. If Ultimecia is a new character, we are adding content into this scene for no reason ("The new evil villain knows about Griever.") So someone over at Reddit data mined the game and there is a bunch of leaks regarding characters which included Rinoa and Locke. I just replayed Final Fantasy 8 and after modding my ps4 to have the ability to play ps1 games. CAPTION. A popular theory for Final Fantasy VIII is that the deuteragonist and love interest of main character Squall, Rinoa Heartilly, is actually the main villain Ultimecia. I mean, argh. Her existence, persecution, and defeat are inevitable. ), it’s time to get this puzzle going. In this sense, ‘Squall’s Dead’ and ‘Rinoa is Ultimecia’ are contrary to each other. If she is supporting a character that may take repetitive turns like Noctis or Ardyn, you may want to set her Angelo stance so her additional auras kick in. She fused with him out of desperation. – Quistis, Rinoa, Selphie/Irvine, Squall, Zell The simplest way to do this is simply split by gender. "absolute" "could"), it's done for emphasis. Logically, two opposing ideas can’t both be true, yet they certainly can be false. For Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is Rinoa decent?" But that being said, both Rinoa and Ultimecia are witches, so in that sense they are similar, but they’re not the same person.” For those interested in what the theory says, Share to Twitter. Plus, Ultimecia is able to heighten those powers. The perfect RinoaHeartilly Gift OdineBangle Animated GIF for your conversation. A fearsome sorceress from the far-flung future, filled with anger and hatred. While Rinoa is 100% not Ultimecia, people need to stop spreading the false idea that "Devs confirmed Rinoa is not Ultimecia". Rinoa Is Ultimecia. “No, that is not true,” Kitase said. There was going to originally be a dating mechanic like VII where points would go towards Selphie and Quistis. For a new player, is there a resource I can reference to see what the future relic draws will look like. At a point in the game, Edea asks Rinoa to choose a Knight for emotional support to help deal with her power as a sorceress. We're not affiliated with reddit inc. Found a bug or have an idea for a statistic/ranking that we don't have? It woudln't be a bad plot twist... but Square should've deleted Adel and replaced it with an explanation of that. Ultimecia rinoa Forum:Rinoa-Ultimecia Theory Final Fantasy Wiki Fando . Share to Reddit. 5. 8. Specifically the lines about "wait for you" and "I'll … Mitron/Loghrif conversation includes some reference to things said between Squall and Rinoa. Something about Ultimecia and a parallel world but I couldn't get more info on that. Preface (Some spoilers for FF8 below) So as I write this I'm currently playing through Final Fantasy 7 (a bit ironic I know) when I decided to look up FF7 analysis of the character of Zack and his impact to Cloud in FF7. The first time I played the game I thought the whitish bottom part of the final boss is just some kind of accessory or dangles or part of a curtain. Edea Kramer. I'm not happy with one of the additions if these end up true because they are such a waste of a spot considering they could have been a skin and I say this as someone who does like the character. Yeap Gaia B. sounds good but I don't share your 30-40's idea (hahaha), SQUARE could put her another clothe or different hairstyle or a little mention in the Game! Rinoa Heartilly. Once you have your sex segregated parties (make sure you always have Enc-None on if you want this to go smoothly! Rinoa is Ultimecia. Share to iMessage. Feel like Rinoa could be the worst Final Fantasy lead lady. This article contains major spoilers for Final Fantasy VIII.You can use time compression to return home by clicking here. They did not. S. Skeletampire. This graphic is a huge, huge help (thank you) for knowing the big marquee stuff coming, but I would also like to know what the full banners look like. 6. For Final Fantasy XV on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "FF Producer: FF8 Rinoa is not Ultimecia, FFVII has nothing to do with FFX" - Page 3. But it's actually Ultimecia herself (or is it?) Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. During the game's ending FMV, Ultimecia's face flashes over Rinoa's and she also bears quite a resemblance to Rinoa. Kurse all SeeDs. Well here goes... Well, every yin, needs a yang. Hi, I've just been reading into more of the lore of FFVIII & I'm curious to see if there is much more information about the world of her time - Essentially where we arrive in Disc 4. A member of the Forest Owls fighting for Timber's independence. Poor Seifer. She becomes involved in the battle with the sorceress after hiring SeeD to help abduct the president of the state occupying Timber. In regards to the Rinoa/Ultimecia theory, however, it should be mentioned that the two share near identical facial structures in FMV sequences (which is emphasized by the final shot of Rinoa's face within the game, which flashes several times to Ultimecia's). Gift. First, ignore the inconsistency of modality in the title ( i.e. Posted by 11 months ago. Sorceress. Now, let's talk about why R=U could be true. Ultimecia. I believe E12S form is a reference to Ultimecia 9. [Basis Theory] Ellone is Ultimecia. You can't change the past, and Ultimecia's death in the past created the present and future. Share to Pinterest. You can’t change the past, and Ultimecia’s death in the past created the present and future. Now I came into some realization with the game's main antagonist. Share to Facebook. This was changed because Nomura wanted to focus on Rinoa. Rinoa is a fully magic attacker, and she can cover damage or support for you. She was ready to do anything to come out on the other side the victor. I think this was about originally planned. Rinoa basically never had a reason to like Squall besides thinking he was good looking, and Squall never did anything besides play along. Now what if that Ultimecia was not a random person yet to What they did say is that Sorceresses have normal human lifespans (well, except when they're trapped in stasis like Adel). That creates a paradox too. Thanks to X7Strife for the inspiration!. Close. Take the Rinoa is Ultimecia theory: There will be an Ultimecia in the future. - When Rinoa and Squall meet each other. I mean, it would be so cool if Rinoa was the one destroying the world and also one of the people who eventually save it. 1 1 11. Copy embed to clipboard. So, each time a sorceress' powers are transferred over to another, Ultimecia follows them, but Ultimecia's powers have stayed, giving her an extremely long life. This is a horrible situation. Battles that are AoE heavy, she will tend to spam Angel Wing HP+ as much as possible. She could be their daughter or their grand daughter. The amplification of Rinoa’s powers remains inexplicable for a person who never formally took a witch’s powers. This means she has natural latent witch powers. But just feel a little ticked off that she flirts around with Squall like she isn't dating anybody. Mask On. Report. surrounded by veins and arteries :gasp: I am sure most of you notice this. If Ultimecia is Rinoa, this is her cruelly mocking Squall for opening up to her, or bitterly and insanely nostalgic for her former love who died thousands of year ago, and whom she has compressed time to see again. Once Rinoa arrives in World B, the 'Rinoa is Ultimecia' theory suffers a crisis.

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