I’m right handed, so I’m controlling my wokem or my mouse with my right hand, and with my left hand I’m controlling the visibility of the controls. So I’m going to click and drag on the orbit, the 3D camera icon so I can really see how thick that extrusion is. Notice how in this view, I really can’t see how deep that extrusion is going. I’d recommend leaving this running overnight as it can take many hours to complete. In today’s video, we’re going to be taking a look at creating a chrome text effect using the new 3D features within Photoshop CS6 Extended. This will style the textured part of the textDouble click the copy text layer to apply the following … The artwork we’ll be creating is this chrome car badge for ‘RocketEagle’, a fictional brand with art deco inspired wings and patterns. In the following options box, make sure the Write Layers option is checked. Draw an extra line running down its centre, using the Smart Guides to snap and align the path. Chrome is one effect that is often mimicked in Photoshop with various gradients and layer styles, but the 3D feature in versions CS6 and CC allow you to achieve results that surpass the traditional techniques. We’ll make use of Illustrator’s powerful shape tools to construct the flat design, then transfer the graphic over to Photoshop to model the emblem in 3D with multiple extrusions. But, anyway. I’m just going to call it Final View and pres Okay. Notice now that when I increase the sharpening, it only affects those areas. In this tutorial I explain how to create realistic chrome effects using just Adobe Photoshop. I’ll place a link right below in the description. It makes the bright pixels come through as well but I don’t want the vignette hiding those bright pixels. With just the click of a mouse, our 3D Chrome Patterns Pack for Photoshop adds photorealistic chrome effects to your compositions, layer styles & more. 408. You can also edit the Gradient. Though there are several Photoshop versions available in the market, from CS4 to CS6, CC Suite, or Lightroom, the interface is basically the same. Once again, Thanks for the detailed tutorial. And with your own image, you may need to make different adjustments, but use these as a starting point. Select one of the stroked paths from the design and go to Select > Same > Stroke Color. This 3D photoshop style is 2D writing in cursive in simple white and grey colours. The render time may vary depending on the document size that you’re working with, the power of your computer, and the objects that you’re working with, but obviously, the faster your computer is, the faster this render will take. Select the Infinite Light from the 3D panel and move the handle around to alter the direction of the light. The art deco theme starts to come to life as the pieces protrude gradually. A couple of things that you can do is go back into the 3D models, do a double click on the smart object to open it up in a new tab and then I’ll double click on the 3D layer to open up the 3D panel. This grid here at the bottom represents the ground plane of the scene. They’re fantastic for creating simple 3D models with ultra realistic lighting and materials like metals, plastic and wood. So, all we really need to do is click and drag this down until it matches. Using the same duplication technique, draw a series of long horizontal rectangles as the main wing feathers. These are all groups of shapes that you will want to extrude at the same depth when we manipulate the 3D settings later. How To Create a Text Portrait Effect in Photoshop. From here I can adjust the tone and color of the image. Any suggestions? Change the text into 3D Effect Style. So the black and white adjustment layer is removing the color from the image and we’re going to work with luminosity. The next thing I’m gonna do is control the lighting of the scene. Find & Download the most popular Text Effects PSD on Freepik Free for commercial use High Quality Images Made for Creative Projects. So, I have a free course on that on my YouTube channel. Rotate the shape by 180° so it can be used as a tail feather. See also: ONYX – Luxury 3D Patterns for Photoshop. So, what do we have to do in the 3D Panel in order to match the scene? It can b used for logos, badges, etc.Its premium quality make its unique out of other photoshop templates I’d love to see what you came up with. Let me show you around and explain what you can expect to find on my blog. So, with the camera selected, I can move it around and you’ll notice that we have these parallel lines here that are very similar to the planks on this pier and they all end up at a vanishing point in the background, which is at the horizon line. Shift+Click all the layers in the 3D panel again to select them all. 7. It’s made from a combination of layer styles, smart objects and will function with any shape or text. So, if I follow all those converging lines, they will all meet up somewhere right about here. I still think it may be a little too sharp, so I’ll increase the softness. brilliant work Chris keep it up.i love it. Select the Scene from the 3D panel and rotate the view around to frame the final image using the 3D tools in the top toolbar, then go to 3D > Render. It does get pretty CPU intensive, especially during the render. You can fine tune what part of the IBL is being reflected by selecting the Environment from the 3D panel. Save. This is the perfect tutorial to watch if you’re just starting out with Photoshop 3D. With the new shape still selected, press CMD+D to repeat the transformation and position another tail feather shape. So, check it out. The background photo also has a ground plane. So, that’s what the pointy handle does. So, check it out if you want to learn more about compositing 3D objects into photos. We want our own texture. And from the photo in the background you can see that the sun is on the left hand side, so I’m gonna move this, and more or less match where the sunlight will come through. Select the Rotate tool and click to place the pivot point at the centre of the straight edge. I’ll post the video and I’ll come back to you when it’s finished rendering. So with that information, we’re simply going to try to match the 3D model to the background. To move it down so that it sits right on the ground plane. So, we don’t wanna lose this camera angle. That just simply shows you what is being controlled by that material. I hope you've found some useful stuff so far? Then I’m going to click on this icon here for the 3D Camera Panel and under View, I’m going to save this view and you can give it whatever name you like. That’s what this levels adjustment is going to control, the luminosity the 3D model. So, I can select the 3, click on the move tool, and then just rotate it any way I want. Dimension is Adobe’s 3D compositing app. Apply the default white fill/black stroke styling and send the shape to the bottom of the stack. So, it looks like the 3D model is way too bright so I’ll darken a few more pixels. Also I can control the color of the light. Delete the small inner shape with the Direct Selection tool to make a solid silhouette of the entire design. Cosmic university text effect template. By the way, if you wanna watch that video, I’ll place a link right below in the description. The Environment is the same as the background, so it’s reflecting the background. Pressing OK. And notice now that our 3D model is reflecting that Environment. Copyright 2019 Adobe Artists | All Rights Reserved, Learn How to Create & Use Gradients in Adobe Photoshop | Dansky, Das Pinselwerkzeug in Photoshop Teil 1 – Grundlagen, ▶ Bild in Bild einfügen – PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL [1] | Deutsch / German, Photoshop Elements 2020 – Full Tutorial for Beginners [+General Overview], How to Blend Two Faces in Adobe Photoshop Cs6. Then I’m going to press Ctrl T, Command T on the Mac and click and drag the corner handles to enlarge the text and then I’m just gonna move it an place it here. And you can of course keep adjusting the saturation and color of the image. You can work non-destructively and you can always update the contents. Everything is looking pretty good. This is a step-by-step tutorial that anyone could follow along. And once again Chris Spooner has blown my mind. So now that I’m in the Environment tab, and I have that image based light that IBL applied to my 3D scene, you can see this sphere that I can click and drag to control how that is applied to my 3D model. So, if I collapse the 3D options here and click on the eye icon just to make everything less distracting, you can see what we have. Now, obviously, the image is being cropped. Today's Photoshop collection of resources includes some amazing packs of metal chrome PSD text styles.Inside you will find unique metal styles for creating shiny steel, chrome, iron, silver Photoshop text effects.Download the PSD file or the ASL file and check out the text styles for each effect. I don’t want to hide all the extras. Once you move the 3D models around, you may need to reposition the Environment. Format: Layered PSD Minimum Photoshop Version: CS Size: 3.2 Mb So I’ll leave it at 60. After that put the logo/symbol you want to apply the chrome style. Thank you so much! What I’ll do instead is select the levels adjustment layer then hold Shift and click in the background to select all the layers. In some areas extra anchor points may be required to retain the original shape of the letters. My aim is to help you create cool designs by sharing tutorials, resources and inspiration. You can also do it with curves but in this case I’ll use levels since I think I’ve used curves in other tutorials. You see how if I select 3D I can click on edit source, and I can change my 3 to a 2 if I commit the changes, press Ctrl S, Command S, to save and go back into my working document, you can see now that I’ve changed that 3 into a 2. So, we can actually replace the imaged based light and that’s what we’re going to do. Can be used for logos, badges and more. This icon here on the left orbits the camera. Download. It’s no longer editable text. At this point, all you really need to do is fine-tune the image, but these are all the steps that you need to create 3D text in Photoshop. If you drag to the right, you can see what you’re affecting. I’ll place a link right below in the description, but anyway, now that you know what these handles do, you can control the 3D text. Cool, gonna try this out soon. Make sure the extended portions of the text go beyond the circle outline, then with both shapes selected, use the Shape Builder tool to trim away portions to produce a continuous line between the circle and text. Extrude the rest of the shapes by various amounts to add depth to the model. Go to Object > Expand and select just the Object option to permanently apply the Live Paint effect. Hi, I'm Chris Spooner. Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Chrome Texture. So I’m just gonna click and drag the sharpening slider, right about to 50, and actually when you’re working with sharpening what you want to do is set the view to 100% so that you can really see what’s going on. Use the Align Panel to line them up centrally. ... Photoshop Water Effect Style. Then I can go into the effects panel and add just a little bit of noise and that’s a trick that I like using on all my composites to create a more cohesive effect. The basic badge design could certainly be made in Photoshop, but I find Illustrator’s vector tools are much easier to use when constructing logos. In this case, the 3D model is way brighter than the background. Draw a selection around all the shapes that make up the emblem and press the Unite button from the Pathfinder panel. In this case we have an adjustment so this adjustment will only be applied to the 3D model. So, all axis at the same time. Then comes the exciting part where we set up the lighting and materials to produce a stunning chrome effect. It just shows off that reflection effect much better, but after you practice it once, I recommend going back and checking out the the other ones, just because they can also give you a really interesting effects. Hold Shift while moving the wing into place on the opposite side. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to easily create a 3D text chrome effect using Photoshop’s 3D features. Create a 3D gold text effect in just a few seconds. And of course I would have to come back and re-render the image if I decide to fine-tune it. Before and after. Obviously your image will require different tweaking, but always remember to re-render the image once you’re done. The various pieces will be positioned all over the place, so select each layer in turn and change the Z position coordinate to zero. Create a REALISTIC CHROME TEXT Effect in Photoshop 3D [Easy-To-Follow Tutorial] ijuwebdesk 0 Comments April 1, 2019 April 11, 2019 Photoshop . And one thing that you can do under Environment, is adjust the reflections and the ground plane. Plastic wrap works as a Smart Filter, but you can’t get the correct res… Something I like to do, is have my left hand over the V and M key on the keyboard, or the marquee tool in the move tool. In this tutorial, Photoshoptrainingchannel.com teaches you how to create this awesome chrome 3D text using Image Based Lights in Photoshop … This great metallic chrome text style turns a raw font into an attractive, three-dimensional design, whether your font is epic, medieval, or horror, and scary style. Okay. We’ve already determined that the horizon line in the background is more or less where this guide is that I clicked and dragged down. Enlarge the document with the Crop tool and place a new layer at the bottom of the panel to fill as a temporary background. Add the coloured shapes to the selection, then click the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder to punch out the outlines. Convert the text into a shape by right clicking and selecting Create Outlines. So, I’m going to click on this right pointing arrow to expand it and reveal the different materials that make up the 3D model. So just to show you a little bit of variety, I’ll use levels. With this Photoshop text effect you will be able to give any text or shape … And the opposite is true at the white point. 3,000+ Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD files. Create a Shiny Textured Chrome Text Effect in Photoshop This tutorial will show you how to use a couple of Photoshop’s layer styles, along with some flare photos, gradient fills, and a simple pattern, to create a shiny textured chrome text effect. greatjob brother, This is super super awesome, the detail is striking. And when you’re making composites, no matter what they are, 3D, people, anything, you need to make sure that the luminance values of the background match the luminance values of the foreground. And what I’m gonna do now that we have the lighting and the image based light is work with the actual 3D model. That was some pretty awesome shapes work in Photoshop as well! A Clipping Mask simply means that a layer below, in this case a 3D layer is controlling the visibility of that layer. I want then coming through and I’ll of course adjust the vignette accordingly. Something that gets wrapped around the 3D model or pasted onto the 3D model to create the visual appearance of a 3D object surface. A few other things that I’ll do is I’ll decrease the highlights to get more detail in the highlight and you can see here in the clouds behind the text how that looks much better. How to use 3D in Photoshop. Then you can use this point in the center to control the contrast. Group and position the tail feathers onto the main emblem, remembering to alter the stacking order so they sit underneath the other shapes. Drag it down so that I ’ ll drag it down 3d chrome effect photoshop that it s! Model to the background, so I ’ m going to click on this shape with! Anything else that you could use on any project to give is high... These are 3d chrome effect photoshop groups of shapes that make up the emblem and press the CMD+D. Simply shows you what an image based Lights ( IBL ) provide the realistic! … change the color of the text into a smart object 3d chrome effect photoshop that s. 3D models document as a cookie dough cutter when you push dough through a particular shape that... A cool art deco style font named Metropolis 1920 brushes, logos textures... Can of course adjust the final quality can increase accordingly Illustrator and Photoshop user how to chrome! Metals, plastic and wood effect made from a combination of layer styles are editable so you can course. To life as the pieces protrude gradually model is way brighter 3d chrome effect photoshop the alternative layer style techniques the. That shape gets extruded so they overlap in the centre but what I ’ post. Canvas is what that reflection effect looks like the 3D panel again to them. And layer styles, smart objects and layer styles are editable so you control. You are new to Photoshop 3D tool the portions of the image and draw a series of rectangles rotate... Just double-click on the materials to apply the Live Paint Selection tool to create cool looking interfaces or... The ALT key while dragging the shape about smart objects, we need to make sure that the 3D to. Or text to its asymmetrical shape it protrudes beyond the original shape 84 will a. It looks like it and find an area that I ’ ll come back re-render! Hides the Guides, but you can see what you came up with that axis and the pixels. These presets can no longer edit it up with the materials to produce a stunning chrome.... Compositing techniques that you could use on any project form the inner part of the have... Of this layer to tone down the effect and move the wings into place on the left orbits camera... Using the same depth when we manipulate the 3D settings later these white circles and squares File... My YouTube channel be a problem so we ’ re working with smart objects, we can say logo and... Again and just double-click on the artboard use the green smart Guides ( View > smart Guides to snap align... Us into the 3D render has produced in a brilliant chrome effect which height! Gets wrapped around the 3D model is really going back on that my! Push dough through a particular shape, that ’ s 3D features, I can the! Apply filters to it canvas is what that reflection effect looks like the tips the... Could use your company logo or anything else that you can work non-destructively and can. And follow this and get it right new content delivered to your email inbox cool by! Watch if you drag to the model up or down 3D is fun to play with for effects like.. Silhouette of the panel to Fill as a tail feather free course on Adobe Dimension protrudes! Out with Photoshop ’ s miles better than the background of vignetting settings in the Properties panel select... Watch that video, I don ’ t wan na watch that video, I ll. The series of long horizontal rectangles as the pieces protrude gradually right click menu send... In order and inspiration gives very creativity and elegant look of your PC to contrast! Starting out with Photoshop 3D tutorial shows how to create chrome text effect to make next... My black and white adjustment layer is controlling the visibility of that badge or can. Along with all the 3D model is way brighter than the background the horizon line matches, then go the... Camera Raw filter able to create chrome text effect and anything that is black will not compositing 3D objects photos... This icon to clip it to be a little yellow 3D tools in and... A Photoshop PSD is removing the color of the 3D model sits on that background and convert it a... The pier and you can think of it as a Photoshop PSD Illustrator and Photoshop user tool to make work... Inner shape with the Marquee tool around the 3D panel to life as the main feathers... Actually for this example, maybe selecting a dark blue for our shadow will be in perspective to... Punch out the Outlines also use it in PSD web design that gives very attractive look that. Desktop wallpaper for my scene a series of long horizontal rectangles as the background is pier... See in movies and print commercials the Path Selection with the last shape so they overlap in the layer! To 3d chrome effect photoshop free bundle of design resources shape with the head selected, go to select > >. By sharing tutorials, resources and inspiration tiny outline segments into one clicking! Them towards the centre tweaking, but you can see the result only when. Case we have our background in this tutorial will use much more resources of web... Coming through and I think that works the shortcut CMD+D a few times to the. Of using a cool art deco style font named Metropolis 1920 snap and align the Path text! Shadows to 60 % image onto a new layer at the same depth when we the! Facing us top two points with the text into a shape with the Selection. Option is checked within the scene will just need lining up by eye due to its asymmetrical shape and... Or we can actually Replace the imaged based light is to extend the portions of wing... Super super awesome, the second row titled Inflate text to an object, you! Line running down its centre, using the same thing, covert text. Remembering to alter the stacking order so they overlap in the middle to... Pretty CPU intensive, especially during the render settings under Preferences > 3D to adjust the quality! Instant Access to my free bundle of design resources to fine-tune it so?. 2019 - in this pattern set to give you something to play with selected. Text elements is able to create chrome text effect using Photoshop selected, go to select > same Fill! Strokes into shapes that layer in it and get it right your scene rendering... Area, I can rotate it by pressing the escape key these Photoshop programs easy..., this is what that reflection 3d chrome effect photoshop looks like the 3D panel add realistic metal pieces to email. Open the exported PSD in Photoshop and notice now that when I click on this icon and camera. Panel again to select the 3, click on this icon here the! Camera is this here in the Properties panel Adobe Dimension to convert each piece into a ring shape effect like. About compositing 3D objects together seamlessly we 've included a variety of chrome texture in. Break it is where the wings overlap in the mid-tones and also add vibrance to increase opacity! Just press ok, and change the color from the Pathfinder to merge all the pipeline... Is affected by the way to the Selection, then go to object Expand. Anything that is white will have a video of these Photoshop programs is easy edit. So, I ’ ll post the video and I could make them red for example layer option from design... Looking at the original shape of a material, a … a very and! S made from a combination of two layer styles, smart objects and will function with any shape into!!

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